We are a Latin American brand founded in 2006.

We are leaders in offering integral solutions for the enjoyment of architectural spaces through our portfolio of floors, walls, bathrooms and kitchens for commerce, industry and housing.

At KLIPEN we solve in an integral way the necessities of design, quality and functionality of the spaces at affordable prices.

At KLIPEN we improve and facilitate people’s lives through spaces. We help to generate spaces to feel more comfortable with life, the family and with oneself.

At KLIPEN we inspire you to live better!

International Presence

We have direct presence in 8 countries in 40 Latin American cities.

We are one of the most relevant companies in the region and through the strategic partners in each country: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Salvador and Uruguay. We directly reach more than 1,000 distributors, 80 high-end retail stores and serve more than 5,000 architecture projects per year in the region. 

What makes us different

Our product development model is focused on solving design, quality and pricing needs in one place.

Architects, specifiers and end users find in the KLIPEN portfolio a balance between the latest trends in floors, walls, bathrooms and kitchens in all available materials. The price that allows us to adjust to the budget of the most demanding architectural projects at a functional and aesthetic level.

We are one of the leading companies in Latin America in finishings of work for residential and institutional spaces.

With a portfolio that continually reinvents and innovates and focuses its efforts on bringing our consumers trend products, with high quality. From the design are adapted to the needs of the local market at competitive prices that are available to everyone.



Our value proposition is enclosed in the TOTAL LOOK concept, offering our consumers a set of solutions that coordinate aesthetically, technically and functionally generating a consistent concept so that the consumer does not have to make “patches” of styles and suffer technical problems.

Our variety of portfolio together with the concept of TOTAL LOOK, become a great differentiator of the brand KLIPEN that allows to solve a project in a single place, a “One stop shopping” of products of architecture and construction.

Our Production Plants

Our strategic alliance model allows us to manufacture the latest trends in Asia, America and Europe. 

We are a globally recognized brand.

Currently more than 100 factories, create our products in a differentiated way, with the highest quality standards through the business units:

Hydro (Baths)

Hard coatings (Floors and walls)

Soft Coatings (Wood and Vinyl)

Meet our portfolio available in the following countries