What we do

In KLIPEN we carry out a Product Development process that unites the needs of 8 Latin American countries and combines them with the latest trends in architecture, design, interior design and urbanism to make them available to the Latin American consumer at competitive prices.

We co-create, enrich our view of trends, architecture and projects with architects, designers and specifiers to jointly develop products that meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s projects.

We are Adaptable, Differentiated and Agile.

How we do it

With a portfolio that reinvents and innovates continuously and focuses its efforts on bringing to our consumers’ products of trend, with high quality and that from the design are adapted to the needs of the local market at competitive prices that are within reach of all.

Our value proposal is enclosed in the concept TOTAL LOOK, offering our consumers a set of solutions that coordinate aesthetically, technically and functionally generating a consistent concept so that the consumer does not have to make “patches” of styles or suffer technical problems.

Our variety of portfolio together with the concept of TOTAL LOOK, become a great differentiator of the brand KLIPEN that allows you to solve a project in one place.

One stop shopping of architectural and construction products.

Kow our value proposition

At KLIPEN we solve in an integral way the necessities of design, quality and functionality of the spaces at affordable prices. In KLIPEN we believe that we can improve and facilitate people’s lives through spaces. 

At KLIPEN we generate spaces to feel more comfortable with life, the family and with oneself.

At Klipen we inspire you to live better. 

Countries Where You Find Klipen

Click on each country for more information and learn about the KLIPEN portfolio. We build long-term relationships, which is why we work hand in hand with our strategic and exclusive Partners in each country, ensuring service, quality, designs, and competitive prices.