Over the past two years health and wellness have become key priorities for consumers, with a focus on easy solutions that can be realized from the safety and comfort of home.

Brands help consumers maintain a sense of well-being while spending more time at home, with products that encourage healthy daily habits for the body and mind, products that provide comfort and are the result of responsible decisions.

WELLNESS for Klipen is to develop products that create a sense of awareness.



The “organic” as a conscious choice. Reduce the risk of environmental pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions and seek the well-being that both food and products of this denomination can provide.


Sustainability is the ability to achieve sustained economic prosperity over time where it seeks to protect the natural systems of the planet and at the same time, provide a high quality of life for people.


Analog meditation activities offer consumers screen-free time to relax. Notebooks and journals continue to be key wellness tools, as well as puzzles, mandalas, and different creation kits that allow you to explore creativity.

Home Gym

Fitness for all levels: Home training equipment adapts to a variety of fitness levels, with accessible options to make exercising less intimidating and enjoyable more. Excuses no longer have a place.

Sleep routine

In search of the perfect night’s sleep, consumers are creating relaxing bedtime routines with the help of soothing wellness products. They are also looking for products that support the ritual of sleep and give them the necessary comfort to achieve maximum rest.

The past

Mosaic reinvention

As an exaltation of craftsmanship, with infinite potential and the advantage of effortless durability, mosaics bring a unique touch to interior design.

This season is full of exciting style trends for the world of mosaic, from the need to create spaces full of interior drama and striking and bold contrasts, to Zen-like places with ecological longings. When we see them it is easy to see why these types of stone textures remain one of the favorites over time.

The present

INOUT Technology

The latest INOUT technology is present in the glazed porcelain tiles of our SIGNATURE collection. The new non-slip INOUT technology allows the same product to be installed in indoor and outdoor environments without changing design due to innovation in enamel.

Its soft texture and matte finish facilitate the maintenance process, making these products the best solution in safety, comfort and stock efficiency for residential and institutional projects.

The future

Environmentally friendly

“Eco-friendly”, environmentally friendly or eco-friendly products and materials.

To be sustainable is to try to maintain a balance between the environment, the social and the economic. Functional materials to cover from floors, to walls, furniture, doors or any surface such as kitchen counters, dining tables or terraces. More sober designs, neutral colors, matte finishes with micro enamels that are activated by light.


Shades of brown

Coffee finally has its moment from intense chocolate to caramel and is declared the “neutral” of this 202


Floating floors

Lightweight or flexible construction is a worldwide trend.

Floor materials that allow easy and quick installation, which also have durability properties, resistance to water, wear and pets are the factors that generation X and young families are most looking for.

In this sense, the WELLNESS solution in the floors is not only a search for a material that aesthetically meets the conditions of color, design, size and surface finish.

The concept of Wellness is focused on materials that allow you to lead a quieter life, without so many worries and that in the event of any eventuality or damage, the floor can be easily cleaned or replaced

Within this trend, SPC Click Vinyl floors are the newest option.

Its appearance is elegant and natural similar to that of a wooden laminate floor.

It differs from these by the composition of its body or core, where the composition of materials such as limestone and decorative papers based on PVC provide greater strength and durability, making it easier for the floors to be resistant to water, scratches and traffic.

In addition to fulfilling a role of care and protection of the health of housing or commerce, since they are anti-allergic floors, SPC floors do not decompose with moisture attracting animals, as they are, materials such as wooden or laminate floors.

Its soft and comfortable texture when walking allows you to have a feeling of greater warmth vs ceramic or porcelain.

These floors, unlike other types of materials, handle a click system that facilitates their installation in a couple of hours and the same day the floor can be used, being the ideal option for commercial premises and residential spaces (for interior use only).

  • Beige wood color gamut
  • Aged oak design
  • The tips on its 4 beveled sides to more closely resemble natural wood floors
  • For the most modern the range of gray or greige colors that plays very well with any type of decoration


If what you are looking for is to break the continuity and monotony of a space, a coating or highlight a wall, mosaics are the perfect solution between craftsmanship, design and good taste.


For millennia, interior design trends have been used as aesthetic aids in our attempts to find some kind of inner peace.

The “living room”, “living room”, living room is that room that allows us to remember that the moment is here and now, there we receive visitors, read, watch television among other activities

More and more research is showing the direct influence our homes have, not only on our mood, but also on our overall health and well-being,” says interior designer Timothy Corrigan of Timothy Corrigan Inc.

It’s no wonder that in 2022, our third consecutive year in a global pandemic, major interior design trends are again focused on making us feel emotionally comfortable.

We have been forced to slow down and spend time in our homes; this drives a strong desire to truly create a space that reflects both visually and affectionately what we are feeling.

Neutrals will take a bit of a back seat in 2022 as people start experimenting with color again, but the palette will remain very close to the shades we find in nature.

This year we will see a return of earthy browns, from cognac to burnt amber.


Organic life

We have chosen by conviction a lifestyle in harmony with nature. We make sure that even the simplest product we use has a clean production, we avoid collisions with nature or cause it harm and we are the guardians of the only planet we know today that harbors “life”.



The sensations that we perceive in our home we receive through the decoration and, in turn, the elements, colors and textures that predominate in the space, hence we give great importance to the search for warmth in the environment


Understood as the feeling that generates the set of circumstances that surround a living being and makes his life pleasant, although not necessarily luxurious, but rather in relation to the possibility of the search for comfort, rest or development.

Breadth of Being

It alludes to the capacity that people have to understand, tolerate, accept or value different issues, and in turn to be filled with life, tranquility, peace. The breadth of being transcends material boundaries and understands that body and mind are unity.


Well-being is the state of good mental, physical and emotional health. The condition of “being well” across the board refers to staying active, eating a proper diet, exercising, and avoiding risky behaviors.

Now that we spend more time indoors, we all seek to strengthen our connection with nature. This has inspired a resurgence of natural surfaces: stoneware, marble, travertine and organic textures and processes across the board.


At the magical free spirit spheres forest hotel you’ll sleep in a sphere suspended in the trees of Vancouver Island’s temperate rainforest.
Each one is a functional work of art and a reminder of communion with nature.



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