We Inspire

We inspire lifestyles based on design and technology to make you live better. 

In KLIPEN® we inspire you with more than 7.000 products that can solve in an integral way the needs of design, quality, functionality and budget of any Residential and Institutional project.

Our product development model unites the needs of 8 Latin American countries with the latest trends in architecture, design, interior design and urbanism to develop products within the reach of the Latin American consumer at competitive prices. 

In each country we offer a specific product portfolio according to the tastes and preferences of each market.  We customize relevant projects and develop them together with the client and the factory. We manufacture what your project and the market needs!

We are passionate about design and innovation. 

If you want to know more in detail the portfolio KLIPEN. We will contact you with each strategic partner in each country:  


At KLIPEN we innovate so that you can give your bathroom order and design at the beginning and end of each day. In Klipen we know that the bathroom plays a role in our safety as human beings and that is why we strive to offer a wide variety of solutions that meet your needs for design, functionality and quality.


At KLIPEN we have a wide variety of products to inspire you. The amplitude of options in textures, sizes, colors, finishes, materials, designs and styles, allow to create all type of possibilities in the design and covering of all type of commercial, institutional and residential Floors and Walls.


In Klipen nature and technology inspires us, we have all kinds of designs and sizes according to your needs: vinyl floors SPC, WPC. Vinyl floors in Dry Back, Roll, Artificial Turf and Synthetic Carpet. All these products are available for residential, institutional and commercial spaces of high, medium and low traffic.

Get to know our portfolio in each country: