Our Manifesto

Every day there are more of us who believe in being able to transform our lives through the spaces we inhabit.

There are more of us who understand that spaces go beyond what we can see or touch. Spaces can be felt and are the expression of our personality.

We are inspired by art, the beauty of nature, the perfection of its forms and its diversity to imitate, care for and preserve it.

We live in the projects of remodeling and construction between the dreams that give life and form to the spaces.

We believe in the right to innovation and the best design.

We are the integral solution in design, quality and functionality at affordable prices for floors, bathrooms and kitchens.

We believe that life is a journey and during that journey, we accompany the dreams of many.

We mobilize feelings and remove debris, to transform spaces and renew lives.


We develop products that coordinate aesthetically, technically and functionally generating consistency in the design of spaces.

We create with architects and designers, enriching our view on the trends and needs of today’s and tomorrow’s projects with the purpose of transcending. Inspire.

We believe in the art of possibility, in seducing through spaces. 

In being trendy and at the same time close.

In helping you explore your creativity.

In Klipen, We inspire you to live better!