It is about creating multisensory and immersive experiences and developing new states of consciousness.


In the tireless quest to reconnect with the essence of the “human being” consumers are implementing in daily habits small rituals of consciousness.

In this way the smallest room in the house becomes a center for self-care.

A place to “be-good”.

In the Wellness Home the bathrooms create an oasis of well-being in the home, adopt a relaxing aesthetic and become spaces to create connections that allow us to find ourselves.

A place to enjoy the water and the intimacy necessary to promote rest, relaxation and start o terminar el día.



We still navigate an uncertain world, but there is one thing that remains constant and that is the importance of self-care, of providing time to our body and understanding that taking care of ourselves is taking care of the planet.


The rest or the “calmtainment” to be more precise is to find the balance between the “calm” and the “entertainment” to which we are exposed in the day to day. Rest is a state that encourages mindfulness and self-care in a turbulent time.


It is not limited only to being. In this case “the human” takes on a deep, material meaning that is in harmony with space. The rise of well-being in the home is focused on also achieving a reconnection with the physical world. We understand that body and mind are together, they are unity. 

Spa at Home

At home there are no waiting times and we enjoyed it more. We now implement self-care doses into our daily routines. We can receive massages, beauty treatments and even yoga sessions in the comfort of our “wellness home”


Well-being is an art, the art of “being well.” A balance between 6 dimensions: the emotional, the occupational, the physical, the social, the intellectual and the spiritual. It is something we actively participate in that is not only limited to one state of being, but to the pursuit of health in all these areas. 


The past

The Turkish bath

The “Westernized hammam” that has reached our spas has nothing to do with the deep ritual of ‘cleansing of body and spirit’ that involves undergoing the also known as Turkish bath or Arab bath. The connection with materials, nature, the experience of sounds, smells, aromatherapy, and botany are present in the new “spa at home” spaces that seek to recreate and generate the same sensory immersion of the long-awaited “Turkish baths”. 

The present

The “No-Touch” revolution

From sensors to antibacterial surfaces, we explore the latest in design to transform the bathroom into a completely non-contact shelter. As life without physical contact becomes a delicate obstacle course, it might be time to rethink the bathroom for the new normal. Numerous design projects aim to reflect this contactless lifestyle, starting with the most hygienic room in the house: the bathroom.

The future

Enveloping therapy

Many shower designs seek to create in-home systems similar to spa-like treatments, offering massage functions to meet a variety of needs ranging from wellness and mindfulness to medicinal and sports functionalities. Therapies related to sound, aroma, color, and smell generate relaxing and enveloping sensations. The Internet of Things and home automation are integrated into the spaces to recreate the desired atmosphere and achieve the integration of Wellness, what was once the specialty of THE SPA, is now at home.


Gray as a starting point that favors the contrast with the warmer tones and the GREIGE as a special tone.


The secret touch of this color palette is the GREIGE. A new color that is derived from Gray and Beige. A combination that provides a modern, neutral tonal base with a harmonizing effect. It combines very well with wood, olive, bronze, forest, pine or cedar colors.

 Why is it the perfect combination? Because it is an intermediate point between cold and warm tones, adding the positive aspects of beige and gray. 

As a neutral tone, it is often found in the Scandinavian and traditional style, quite classic when it comes to combining colors.


Water as a healing experience – “phisical and mental wellness” and metal as a complement element.


The therapeutic and health benefits of spas have long been known, and the tranquility and comfort of having them at home today constitutes a new definition of “luxury.” Relaxation as a reward and achieving a balanced physical and mental state are “priceless.”

The “Spa”

Prolonged work or study habits require rethinking and improving spaces. For Klipen it is to develop products that create a sense of awareness. From water management in the enjoyment and saving equation, to breath care with floors that do not emit volatile organic compounds; Klipen is present in the trend of integrating wellness spaces with the awareness of self-care and care of the planet’s resources.


We are Water

Water as a source of vital energy and as a limited resource. While nearly 70% of the Earth is made up of water and humans in equal proportion, taking care of it is our responsibility. At Klipen we consider ourselves guardians of water. 



Self-care rituals seek to give the body a chance to detoxify and reset. Having good eating habits, exercising, sleeping well, and even spending time with the right people will make a big difference in how a person approaches their day-to-day lives.

Sleep Well

Soaking in a warm bath will raise your body temperature, and coming out will cool it more quickly, thus triggering melatonin production and better preparing you for sleep. If you want to have a great day, you must have a good rest. 


Relaxing means calming the mind, body, or both. Relaxation consists of loosening muscle tone and dissipating the head until reaching a state of full comfort both mentally and physically.


When we talk about Emotional Well-being we refer to the state of mind in which we feel good, calm, perceive that we dominate our emotions and are able to cope with the pressures of the day.


The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland, is the place that combines hospitality and well-being and offers to live a relaxing, rejuvenating and exploratory experience in the best Icelandic style.



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