When we say that the KLIPEN brand is INNOVATIVE we mean our ability and tools to stay current, be curious, explore and research, to stay ahead of trends, so that our customers are always the first to have the latest, the best.

When we speak of KLIPEN as a DEMOCRATIC brand, we recognize our ability to facilitate, make possible and real the desire to have designs with high aesthetic standards and quality at affordable prices.

Our brand is AUDACIOUS, for every step we have taken, our experience and vision to solve and foresee the challenges in a recursive, creative and accurate way, for the benefit of the business and our customers.

Our brand is RELIABLE because it has the highest standards of quality in products and services to create emotional ties from the functionality with our customers.

It is ADAPTABLE because of its ability to understand and mold itself from versatility to the aesthetic design or budget needs of any customer in a precise and timely manner.


Our value proposal is enclosed in the TOTAL LOOK concept, offering our consumers a set of solutions that coordinate aesthetically, technically and functionally generating a consistent concept so that the consumer does not have to make “patches” of styles, or suffer technical problems.

Our variety of portfolio together with the concept of TOTAL LOOK, become a great differentiator of the brand KLIPEN that allows you to solve a project in one place. One stop shopping of architectural and construction products.

Countries Where You Find Klipen

Click on each country for more information and learn about the KLIPEN portfolio. We build long-term relationships, which is why we work hand in hand with our strategic and exclusive Partners in each country, ensuring service, quality, designs, and competitive prices.