In new spaces, consusers will cultivate spirit and heal time.

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Recent years have brought great changes in lifestyles.

La manera en que se consumen y se cultivan los espacios marcan las tendencias para los años 2022 y 2023. 

The way in which spaces are consumed and cultivated set the trends for the years 2022 and 2023.

The new attitudes will shape the spaces:

  • Time optimization is sought.
  • Calm anxiety.
  • It is a priority to connect with friends.
  • We want places to stay in a self-seeking hibernation mode.
  • It is about fulfilling a primary need to “be and be” actively.


Home as a sanctuary

The home becomes a temple and the consumer examines his way of “being” and “living” through it at the same time that he inhabits it.

Home as a cocoon.

Space as a protective agent, as a shell. Emphasis on the design of experiences to encourage introspection, providing a respite from the tensions and anxieties of everyday life and recent times.

The home as well-being

It’s time to create comforting, invigorating and inspiring spaces in the home. Well-being is not only physical, there is a constant insistence on healing and recovering mental health.

The home and primitivism

Contemporary cave-like designs are emerging as a key trend in architecture and interior design, with structures forming a protective cocoon over the inhabitants.

The home as a personal space

Cultivating spaces as extensions of our own, we are in a crucial transition period of changing mindsets, a unique opportunity to focus on home care and self-care, and switch to “hibernation” mode.


Timeline – Sanctuary Home

It summarizes and adapts three fundamental consumer lifestyle concepts or trends from the conceived axes of time.

  • The past, which evokes feelings and reinforces the cyclical.
  • The present as an active factor.
  • The future as forward-looking information.

The past.

The mutable cave.

  • Primitivism will become increasingly influential through materials, forms and spaces.
  • The cave is constituted as a habitable, enduring and mutable place, either for the owner to organize parties or spend time with himself.
  • Natural raw materials, the return to craftsmanship and tradition, raw finishes and primitive techniques are also a marked trend in the coming years.

The present

Work from Home – Spaces.

  • People will have more time than ever to rethink routines and reorganize their lives.
  • Optimization can range from taking time in the mornings to connect with evening rituals, to learning skills, being fit, or rethinking the concept of “physical-space.”

The future

Spatial and technological adaptation

  • Games and the rise of the virtual reconfigure the space and what we will face in the coming years.
  • Virtual reality, smart spaces and technological adaptation will lead the way to change.
  • The home becomes the HUB of operations “the home hub” and the spaces must respond to the needs of rest and work.


Earthy Tones


Return to the artisanal, fibers, cotton, wood, stones and reliefs.


Thinking longer term, consumers are beginning to reconsider the proportions. For example, by investing more in wellness and personal care, bathrooms begin to become one of the most important spaces in the home.

The bathroom

  • Consumers are transforming additional closets and bedrooms into large, palatial master suites with spa-like amenities.
  • Warm environments, minimalist designs, neutral tones, mix of textures and impeccable style, are key to creating a sanctuary in this place.


Less is more.

No matter the space, consumers will continue to focus on scaled-down products and sustainable lifestyles while adapting to and embracing the “wonderful” constraints of living with less.



As a definition of a state and principle of life. Create spaces that provide security for people and help them enter certain pauses, slowing down the pace of life.


Moments of loneliness that encourage introspection can enhance emotional well-being, favoring the development of positive attitudes and behaviors.

Vital energy

The one that the human body needs to live and be productive and that is achieved through the perfect balance between body, mind and spirit.


Studies have shown that good management of alone time has been linked to greater happiness and improved stress management.


Combining moments of solitude with shared encounters help create connections and provide human beings with emotional well-being. Loneliness and social interaction are both important.

And finally, a destination.


The recommended destination is the Hotel Azulik, in Tulum, Mexico, which brings together all the concepts of “Sanctuary home”.



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