Cement and concrete inspire us with their versatility and the possibility of creating spaces with an urban, sophisticated, minimalist and unpretentious look.  The “new canvas”, as some architects call it, allows us to create a spatial unit, colonizing exterior spaces such as terraces, patios, garages, gardens and institutional places, and entering the interior to create a modern concept of interior design that conjugates with any type of decoration.   

The cement finish combines very well with wood and neutral tones. The cold color palette of cement such as silver, grey, graphite, greige when mixed with the warmth of wood, allows to recreate simple spaces and modern at the same time.

The exquisiteness of the imperfections of the cement, the nakedness of the material recreated with exactitude in materials like porcelain, porcelain stoneware or vinyl, allows to combine different decorative concepts that in the end generate harmony in the result.  The cement look shows us how different materials can be taken from the floor to the wall to give protagonism and personality to the spaces.

We inspire you with the #KlipenLookCement