Who are the members of KLIPEN Group

Six companies that share the values and business principles such as friendship, transparency, growth and passion for innovation, formed the KLIPEN Group in 2006. Together they created the leading KLIPEN brand in the architecture and construction sector in Latin America.

We are present in Latin America through FERCO in Guatemala, Honduras and Salvador. Also in Grupo Decor Colombia, in Decor Center Peru. In Bolivia Tumpar, in Chile MK and in Uruguay Bosch y Cia.

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We have more than 80 of our own retail stores in 8 countries and 40 cities in the region. Together we reach more than 80,000 homes through our Retail.

We have 1,000 distributors in Latin America, and for them we are the opportunity to complement their portfolio with a brand that develops innovative products tested in different markets with design at competitive prices, which allows you to maximize your profitability.

For architects

Klipen means the possibility of offering great design and innovation, maximizing the budget of your work. We also have a large team specialized in attending more than 5,000 projects a year throughout the region.

For the final consumer

We are design at your fingertips and the perfect ally to make it part of your lives. We are functional and reliable for them.

For our suppliers

We represent the opportunity to grow in eight Latin American countries. The peace of mind of having a stable long-term partner that has a turnover of more than 300 million dollars a year.

For all KLIPEN

It is also a brand that INSPIRES, which constantly innovates and develops products tailored to the market at competitive prices.

KLIPEN brand products have an operational advantage, we have more than 22 distribution centers in Latin America and more than 150,000 m2 of storage, which ensure compliance to the end consumer.

Klipen is supported daily by an experienced human resource, we are more than 1,600 people working around the group.

Our portfolio is manufactured with the highest standards of quality and design in the different continents in the world: ASIA, EUROPE and LATIN AMERICA.

Every day we work tirelessly with more than 100 factories to fulfill the dreams of thousands of consumers and projects in the region.  

We manufacture KLIPEN products in: China, India, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Colombia.